Lets Do This

I’ve been feeling a bit down lately. I’m not quite sure why, but I guess that’s just how Mental Illness works. The last time I felt like I was Overwhelmed with life, I packed my bags and left everything I knew to move to a different Country. Surprisingly enough that helped me tremendously.

Now I’m back and I can’t just up and leave that easily anymore. So what I decided to do is to force myself to go somewhere I’ve never been to every month. And since I really want to stay committed to this blog, i want to make this a regular thing. Kind of like a feature. Through blogging about this every month, i can not only stay on top of myself about actually doing it, but i can also (hopefully) stay on top of my blog too.

Now it’s not always going to be a new country, even though I do want to do that as well, because i want to make this as realistic as possible but it could be a new place around my State, Country or, if I’m really out of options, maybe a new activity or restaurant.

Overall i absolutely do want to make this about traveling because besides reading and writing, that is my absolute favorite thing to do and 2016 was the best year of my life because i got to do aloootttt of it.

So yeah … here’s to late resolutions, self-care and making ish happen.

I know I’m late but do you guys have any resolutions for this year that you have stayed on top of so far ?

Lots of love,



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