Before January ends …

I really wanted to write this mini update about the little trip I took last Sunday. On Saturday I declared that I would go or do something new each month of this year to help me cope with my Anxiety but also just to go out and experience life a little. Since I really wanted to be consistent with this, but had so little time left in the first month, I picked a nearby forest ( about 2 hour drive) as my first target. It is quite big and a known place for hiking (which I have done probably about 3 times in my lifetime)

It was a gray and rainy day and even though I don’t know much about hiking I’ll allow myself to take a wild guess and say that those weren’t the best conditions. I still put my big girl pants on (and probably the worst possible pair of shoes to go hiking with) and left the house by 8 am (which felt like a huge accomplishment at that time considering I was waking up at about 11am on average that week)

Since non of my friends were up for an 8 am hike and I wasn’t too excited about being in the forest by myself at that time either I forced my teenage brother to go with me.



Like I said it was raining that morning so the hike was …. muddy.

We were out there for about 3 hours and while I wouldn’t do this every weekend I actually really enjoyed just being out, breathing some fresh air and just catching up with my brother who I really don’t see often enough. After the hike we decided to go out and explore the little towns close by. There really wasn’t much to do as it was a Sunday and the towns were tiny … but we ended up finding a town hall that was built in the 15th century


All the surrounding towns were super “medieval looking” and I ended up being way more into the little displays (that tell you when the building was built) than I thought I’d ever be.

This “trip” was definitely not something I would’ve seen myself enjoying if someone else would have told me about it, but just the fact that I went out actually really helped me. It kind of set the tone for the following week and I have been way more energetic.

So yeah .. It was a started. Next time I definitely want to branch out a little more. Any Ideas around Europe ?


Lots of love,



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