Back … and hopefully better

So I fell all the way off not only when it comes to maintaining this blog, but also to keeping up with the promise I made to myself about going somewhere new every month. I didn’t leave my house much since my last blog post. My mental health kicked my butt and there wasn’t much that I could do about it, since I had a very important exam to pass.

So in order to make up for the lost month of february … and march, I booked a ticket to Thailand and Malaysia for the month of april. It’s going to be a go hard or go home situation from here on. No more bullshitting.


The plan is to start off in Bangkok (that’s where my flight lands) and continue down the coast up until Krabi and then make our way down till Kuala Lumpur. The stops in between are not decided on yet as I want to remain flexible ( and I’m also a bit of a mess but that’s okay. I’ll wing it somehow … I hope)

I have 18 days there in total so any and all tips will be greatly appreciated (Most of all those of the ones who have been to south-east Asia before)

And oh yeah … also wish me luck




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