Packing tips for people who hate packing

The worst thing about traveling has to be packing. I never know what to bring, I always over pack and always wait until the last-minute to do so. Well this time I vowed to do better. I want to save myself as much stress as possible and if I can help someone else in the same situation .. even better.


Give yourself enough time. 

When I said I always wait until the last-minute to pack … I meant literally the last-minute. I remember when I moved to the States about 3 years ago to study abroad for 2 years I started packing the night before. No joke. I remember frantically driving to the mall 30 minutes before they closed, because I realised how much stuff I still needed. Don’t be like me. Start packing and planing well in advance and don’t forget to make sure all the clothes you might need are washed at least a week before.


Do lots of research

So I’m currently preparing for a 18 day trip to south-east Asia. I’ve never been there so I am naturally a little lost when it comes to knowing what I’ll need. So thank god for all the people who have been there and blogged about it. For example I found out that even though not super modest, Thailand is a rather conservative country and it is perceived as more respectful when you cover up a bit. So now that I know that and I also have plenty of time, I can go ahead and buy some sun dresses rather than packing just short shorts and tank tops.


 … then make a list

This seems like a no brainer … but this is something I’m doing for the first time and I’ve been around the world quite a bit. Make a list based off of the research you’ve made to make sure you don’t forget your sunscreen or to buy insect repellent, because once you’re sitting on the plane not even Amazons next day delivery can save you.

But also don’t over buy

I read a blog post that suggested to get a Backpack rather than a suitcase when you intend to travel around Thailand (which makes perfect sense) but I also have horrible back issues and the thought of carrying 15+ kilo around doesn’t necessarily delighted me. So even though this might be a great suggestion for someone else I’m not quite sure that it will work out for me, I’m still thinking about it. Then there are tips that are clearly useless. Like how a friend tried to convince me to spend 60 bucks on a Grayl water bottle (Bottle that filters water (from whatever source) and makes it drinkable) Now if I was backpacking for a couple of months I might have considered it, but I will be away for a bit more than 2 weeks. I’ll just drink bottled water for the time being. If I were to get this bottle, it would collect dust after this trip.

Monitor the weather of your destination a few weeks in advance

This goes into the doing research part, but I always struggle with deciding what to pack. “What if it gets cold in the evenings” is always what gets me to pack 5 extra jackets, that end up getting no use. By monitoring the weather over the app on my phone throughout various times of the day, I can hopefully make better decisions. Plus I get excited every time I check the weather and see sunshine and warmth awaiting me.


That’s all I got for now. Do you have more tips that I could add to this list ?

Happy Travels,


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