Let me brag real quick …

I had the most amazing time on my trip to Southeast Asia. This was a super last-minute trip so I’d lie if I’d say that I did not worry about my lack of plans before I left.

Looking back though this was exactly what I needed. I love that I had the freedom to enjoy individual places as I pleased and was not chasing a tight schedule and set hotel reservations.

Overall it was 18 days of traveling

16 of those days were spent in Thailand (Bangkok, Kanchanaburi, Ko Tao and Krabi)

and because I got caught in a storm which forced us to stay a few days longer on Ko Tao, I ended up just having 2 Days in Malaysia. So I missed out on The Cameron Highlands and flew straight to Kuala Lumpur instead.

This was my first time to South East Asia and I loved everything about it.

I loved the nature and the beaches, I loved how easy it was to start a conversation with other travelers and locals alike, I loved that I was able to hike, visit a temple and then jump into the Ocean and chill at the beach all on the same day.

I could probably go on for a while longer and I definitely will in more posts to come, but for now I’ll leave you with this (very brief) summary of my great vacation.

I do want to hear from others though! Have you been to South East Asia ? What was your favorite part ?

And for everyone who is still planning on going, is there anything specific you’d like to know about Thailand and Malaysia, especially as a first time traveler, that I could maybe help with ?

Let me know!



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